December 27

Install New Fonts in Ubuntu Linux 8.10

Posted by seditiousbroom

If you wish to install a new font on Ubuntu Linux:

  1. Find the font you like and download the .ttf file. Select the .tff files and copy (ctrl+c) them to the clipboard.

  2. Save anything you are working on and close all open applications.

  3. Open your home folder with Nautilus (default file manager on default Ubuntu installations)

  4. Click the View menu option and select Show Hidden Files.

  5. Look for a folder named .fonts. Open that folder and paste (ctrl+v) the previously copied .ttf files into the .fonts folder.

  6. Open your terminal of choice. On default Ubuntu installations the gnome-terminal is available under the main Applications > Accessories menu. Type of copy+paste the following and then enter your superuser password:

    sudo fc-cache -f

  7. Allow your computer a few minutes to rebuild the fonts cache. A new terminal line with your username prompt will appear when the fonts cache is rebuilt.

That is it. You should be able to select the new fonts from within all variable font applications on your linux box.