December 31

Accidental Hedonist v9.1

Posted by seditiousbroom

This version of the Accidental Hedonist, the popular food blog, was mostly a new header. The absinthe lady returns in a transparency with a border fade near the bottom third of the picture. A new font with three-layer drop shadow was used for the name of the web site. Also, new, themed, colorized RSS buttons form a menu across the top.

AH retains the recently created static, four-column layout in whites, browns, and reds. The site is largely run by a modified b2evolution engine with advertisements from blogads, Google AdSense, and others.

Several spam prevention techniques are used. E-mail spam is blocked by using a secure mail form for web site members and also a clever trap set for bots that collect e-mail addresses. Referrer spam is turned away via b2evolution's built-in blacklist. Comment spam is filtered by both b2evolution's built-in blacklist and a turing test plugin.

Other features include:

  • polls (Democracy plugin)
  • written works status bar (custom code)
  • 1-click RSS subscriptions (to web-based services such as bloglines)
  • user food journals (b2evolution, autoblog plugin, and custom code)
  • list of most recent user food journal posts (custom code)
  • simple print pages (custom code)

December 16

Accidental Hedonist User Journals

Posted by seditiousbroom

Food Journals for registered users of Accidental Hedonist are now active. All new users will be asked if they wish to create a blog on Accidental Hedonist during registration. This makes Accidental Hedonist into a sort of food blog network. If you are not a registered user on Accidental Hedonist and wish to sign up, please go here.

If you opt to create a new blog, your username will be used in the blog's address. Please choose your username accordingly. Food journal addresses will look something like:

Many thanks to Francesco Castronovo for the b2evolution autoblog plugin. I had to (and likely will continue to) hack it quite a bit for use as Kate wished on this site. However, it provided a very useful starting point.

I am still working out the bugs, but basic blog creation, posting, editing, and all that good stuff works reasonably well. I'm documenting changes to the live software (but not the changes I'm testing) here.